Yemeni Wedding/Dowry Silver Filigree Veil, Vintage 1930-1940s


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  • Vintage 1930-40 Yemeni dowry/wedding veil, completely covered with silver filigree components.
  • To the right person this could be a collectors piece, or
  • For me, I'll admit I bought them to dis-assemble, mostly for earrings. I'm working on some right now and loving it, but I decided not to be greedy and offer these two. I can't promise I won't change my mind and decide I can't part with them!
  • I stopped counting the parts after I got to 100, even the smallest components would elevate a basic gemstone earring to something special, and the larger components made truly unique "chandelier" earrings when paired with beads.
  • The spacer bars could be used in necklaces or bracelets, but I might also just add a post to the flat back of them and make them into earrings as well - with beads and other parts. Too exciting!
  • This is one of two that are similar I don't expect to see any more.