Brass, Bicones, Antique from Cameroon, Large Set of 6


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  • Set of 6 large, heavy, antique brass bicones from Cameroon
  • Sizes and shapes vary slightly, largest bead about 12x14mm
  • Each set includes one large bead and graduated smaller sizes
  • Very large holes, most 3-5mm or more
  • Beautifully smooth, well-worn surfaces, recently polished in my tumbler
  • I find that the older the brass, the more beautifully it cleans up
  • These are the same beads the strand AFM-40
  • Full of design possibilities for those who like large, interesting and collectible beads.
  • I use them to hide attachments for long cord-with-tassel, or cord-with-pendant necklaces. Also consider fan pulls, blind pulls, etc