Brass,Lost Wax Cast Diamonds Pattern 20mm


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  • Large, Lost Wax Cast diamond pattern beads 20mm
  • Large hole beads on 21-inch strands (excluding raffia)
  • These large, but lightweight beads make stunning statement necklaces with African amber or other large beads, but can also be used around the house for fan pulls, light pulls, blind pulls, etc
  • Each of these beads is first made in wax. The wax is covered by clay, the clay is heated and the wax runs out through openings left for that purpose. Molten recycled metal is poured in. After cooling, the clay mold is broken open and the individually unique beads are removed, cleaned, and polished.
  • In this long, delicate, and laborious process it's inevitable that some beads are not perfect. That's expected and built into the price. Most people familiar with the process understand that the "flaws" distinguish real one-of-a-kind cast beads from mass produced ones, and appreciate the uniqueness.