Faceted Glass "Dragon Crystal" 3x4mm, Turquoise Opaque, 16" Strands


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  • Faceted Chinese "Dragon Crystal" beads 3x4mm, opaque turquoise
  • 16-inch strand
  • One of the most recent and popular Chinese imports, these faceted beads are hand-cut, so show some irregularities in the smaller sizes. However, since their prices are a far lower than the precision-machined Swarovski crystals, their sparkle is brighter than molded faceted Czech glass, and their range of colors and finishes is huge, they quickly became Beadazzled’s fastest selling faceted beads.
  • I’ve got a lot of them and will be phasing more colors and sizes as these ones I’ve uploaded sell.
  • They pair well with a wide range of beads including porcelain, cloisonné, metals, smooth glass beads, and even some gemstones.