Himalayan Beads Combining Repousse Work, Engraving and Inlay, Sold Individually


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  • Priced and sold individually
  • These magnificent beads display a wide range of metalworking techniques
  • 22mm wide on the wide side vs 17mm on the narrow side, diameter 29mm
  • In repousse work the design is pushed forward from the back. It has been practiced at a high level in Nepal since the 7th Century by certain Buddhist groups traditionally trained as metalworkers for spiritual as well as secular art and craft.
  • The design is further defined with engraving and a band of inlaid turquoise chips decorates the edges.
  • As seen in the photo the beads are shaped so that when used together they form a gentle curve, one side being narrower than the other.
  • Of course you can also use just one as an eye-catching focal