Thai Silver, Croissant, Small 20x3mm, 28-inch Strand of 36 Beads


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  • Strand of Thai silver small "croissant-shape" beads 19x4mm
  • 36 beads on 28-inch strand
  • These are great for bracelets, but can also work as earrings (string 3 in a triangle) or to add interest to longer necklaces
  • Thai Silver beads and pendants are made from 96 to 99% silver vs sterling, which is only 92.5% silver
  • Our Thai silver is made by Karen smiths and other ethnic groups living in villages in the highlands of the Golden Triangle near Chiang Mai. In addition to the beautiful soft glow of the fine silver, the work is meticulous, often featuring detailed stamped or etched designs in traditional, as well as contemporary, shapes and patterns.